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 "I would like to thank The Dream Never Dies Foundation for awarding me this exclusively precious award. I am much honoured.


            While I was attending high school in Victoria B.C., I was never an academic student. I focused mainly on my social life rather than doing my daily homework, up until I saw an authentic cockpit and instantaneously decided that this is what I must to do for the rest of my life. Since then, I have shifted my focus to where it should have been and studied hard to be accepted to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The reputation of this university and the fact that I can fly an aeroplane truly overwhelmed me.

            Many things have happened since I was accepted into ERAU. I was under an academic warning for the very first semester of my college life. I have been financially withdrawn from almost every flight course I have taken. Currently, I am working on my commercial pilot license and the financial crisis has struck me hard, but this time it was harder than before. I was at a downhill of almost giving up my dream to become a professional pilot and transfer over to a Canadian college where the tuition is much inexpensive.

            This award by The Dream Never Dies Foundation gave me hope and strength to get my thoughts straight and keep pursuing my goal. The value of this award is priceless to me. No matter how much I get help financially, this award helped me not to ditch my dream at the right time. I appreciate this award very much and thank again to The Dream Never Dies Foundation."

-Kye Sung Kim, 2013 Embry-Riddle Award Recipient

“I wanted to let you know that I recently completed my instructor rating and I have been hired as an instructor for Toronto Airways Flight Training.

I wanted to thank you again for making the scholarship available to me because without it I may not have been able to finish my training and I surely wouldn't have the opportunity to begin my career as a pilot doing what I love to do.


Thank you!”

-Allan MacLean, 2013 UPN/DNDF Recipient

“Being the recipient of the Lloyd Christopher Skeen Memorial Scholarship has helped me alleviate some of the financial burdens that I have been faced with and continue to face as I pursue my post-secondary goals.  With the help of The Dream Never Dies Foundation, I have been able to continue to pursue a dream that both Lloyd and I shared; to one day become a pilot”

-Christopher Adams, 2004 Georgian College Scholarship Recipient

“I just wanted to extend my thanks to you and your foundation for the generous aid that has been given to me. I checked my student account recently and I believe that the cheque has successfully been deposited. This scholarship is already helping me to further my education and achieve the dreams I have set out for myself. Again I am very thankful and I wish you the best moving forward. I hope that we will be able to cross paths again in the near future.”

-Novan Gray, 2014 Recipient

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